International shipping might be a tempting business opportunity for many. But what if one gets caught up in the logistics of logistics? An international shipper has a lot to take care of including the various rules and regulations, the entire process and of course all the paperwork that has to be done. To be successful with international shipping business, one could opt for a Freight Forwarder. But, what exactly is it all about?
A Freight Forwarder, to be precise, is a company or an individual, who organises shipments for the corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to distribute them to a market or a customer. In fact, a freight forwarder would take care of everything, from tracking transportation, preparation of shipping documents and other export documents, warehousing, negotiating freight charges, cargo insurance, the filing of insurance claims and so on.
A freight forwarder does not move the freight by itself but acts as an expert in the cargo logistics services. What it does is, it acts as a bridge between the shipper and different transportation services. The forwarder, so to say, acts as a shipping agent by assisting the client on how to move the goods from one destination to another. The extensive knowledge that a forwarder has enables ease of the exporting process for many companies.
A variety of shipping modes can be used by the forwarder, like ships, airlines, rails and trucks. They use their established connections with air freighters, trucking companies, to rail freighters and ocean liners. They also enable negotiation of the price of goods that are to be transported. A freight forwarder tends to work out various bids and finds the one that is most suitable for the clients in terms of speed, cost and reliability. They act as expert advisories to the clients on how to move goods more efficiently from one place to another.
International freight forwarders have expertise in international shipments and prepare and process custom documents and performing activities that correspond to international shipments.
A freight forwarder is essential to any company in case the in-house resources are not adept in the international shipping process. Of the various advantages of a freight forwarder, some are- insurance, customs documentation, bills of lading, Warehousing, Risk management, methods of international payment, the filing of documents, and all arrangements needed for packing, crating and storage.

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