Types of Freight Forwarders in Saudi Arabia

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest economy among Middle East countries and has international trade deals with numerous countries across the world. Any international business enterprise, who is exporting into Saudi Arabia, must partner with the right freight forwarder, who are well-versed with Saudi Customs laws and regulations.

Different types of international logistic companies in Saudi Arabia can provide importers with the right service and timely delivery of the merchandise. Before selecting the right company, the exporting business enterprise must be aware of the types of freight forwarders that are available in the industry.

Air and Ocean freight forwarder

Based on the mode of transport, freight forwarders can be classified as air or ocean freight forwarders. Depending on the type of goods being shipped, export companies can choose either an ocean container, bulk shippers, rail, or air cargo.

Typically, international shipping companies use ship transport for bulk or heavy equipments, while perishable goods are shipped by air to save time.

International exporters, who use multiple modes of transport or intermodal transport, must select freight forwarding companies who not only use a mix of transport modes, but can ship goods to multiple countries around the world.
Types of cargo loading

Freight forwarders also use different types of cargo loading methods for loading the exporter’s goods. The Live Load method is used for the exporter to load the cargo themselves within a span of around 3 hours. The Drop-off method is similar to the Live Load method, except there is no time limit. Terminal loading method is used by the freight forwarder to get the cargo loaded into containers, once it is delivered to the shipping terminal.
Modes of cargo service

Freight forwarders can also be classified based on the mode of service that they offer. The modes of service include:

  • Port to port
  • Door to port
  • Port to door
  • Door to door

Depending on the exporter’s particular shipping requirement, this mode of service can vary and must be handled efficiently by the selected freight forwarder.
The type of exported goods

The volume and size of the shipped goods also can determine if the selected freight forwarder can handle the shipment smoothly. Shipment of hazardous materials like chemicals require safety requirements like the Safety data sheet (SDS), whose format vary among countries and can be performed by a handful of freight forwarders. A major challenge for logistic companies is safe and secure storage for the goods, while awaiting transportation. Depending on the type of goods, freight forwarders must be able to secure timely clearance from custom officials in the importing country.
Exporting into Saudi Arabia

Different types of logistic companies in Saudi Arabia can provide smooth clearance for imported goods with logistics and procurement facilities. With detailed knowledge of the laws and regulations of the Saudi customs authorities, they offer a variety of cargo logistics services that are suited to the shipper’s requirements.


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