The right freight forwarder for heavy equipments in Saudi Arabia

As one of the world’s largest oil producing and exporting nations, Saudi Arabia is the leading economy among all the countries in the Middle East. With the Kingdom witnessing a construction boom with the development of energy, sea ports, and real estate, the demand for heavy equipments that can be used in the construction sector has seen a rapid rise.

An expanding network of local and foreign construction companies in the Kingdom make use of a wide range of construction machinery including heavy lift specialist machines and big lift cranes to complete their construction projects in a faster, safer, and easier way.

Leading logistics companies in Saudi Arabia, including the Riyadh-based On Dot Freight offer international exporters the logistic services required to ship a variety of heavy equipments into Saudi Arabia. With the rising competition and growing market opportunity, exporters of heavy equipments must partner with the right freight forwarding company who have the necessary knowledge of Saudi Customs to ensure the smooth and timely delivery of their shipments.

Listed below are some vital points that heavy equipment exporters must note when exporting into Saudi Arabia:

Handling of heavy equipments

Due to the sheer size and weight, loading and dismantling of heavy equipments into ships requires attention to detail and processes. The slightest error in this process can result in considerable damage to the merchandise and customer rejection. It often is convenient to detect this fault early if the company were to use FSM tech, as expounded here at, but it can be equally hard to find a resolution to the mismanagement. Partnering with the right freight forwarding company, who has the expertise of handling heavy equipments, is vital to prevent any loss of revenue and business opportunity.

Shipping cost

Whether you are a heavy equipment buyer or dealer, you want to have an accurate estimate of the shipping cost at the time of placing the order for the heavy machinery. Ensure that your freight forwarder provides with the correct overseas shipping expenses before you place the order.

Spare parts

Heavy machinery use a large collection of spare parts for its long-term maintenance and use. Established freight forwarders must maintain a comprehensive database of spare parts, including its tariff price, product details, and custom duty charges.

Client profile

Opt for logistic companies in Saudi Arabia, who have a client profile comprising of mining, construction, or engineering companies. This ensures that these freight forwarders have detailed knowledge of the specific logistics that go into the international shipping of heavy equipments.

Compliance with international shipping regulations

Shipment of heavy equipments and machinery involves crossing of international borders. Your freight forwarders must be aware of all laws and regulations including anti-dumping laws, along with compliance with government security agencies entrusted with environment and shipping safety. Addtionally, accurate documentation of legal compliance laws and audits must be available with your freight forwarder.


The ongoing and future construction and infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia is a boon for freight forwarders specializing in transporting oversized and heavy equipments using shipping freight lines. Exporters, in partnership with the right freight forwarder, can benefit from customized services from these logistic partners to cater to the Middle East market.

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