Air Freight

Air freight is a term used to refer to anything that is being transported from one place to another, usually long distance, by means of an aircraft. The materials being transported could range from letters and documents to goods, products or larger packages. Regardless of the size, usually the items earmarked as Air freight are the ones which cannot be handled by alternative modes and those with limited geographical reach.

Air freight is popularly known as Air cargo or Shipment. Aircraft used for the purpose of carrying the freight can be either chartered ones or commercial ones. It is possible for operators to utilise this means and extend this service where ever an aircraft can take off and land. They could also be other predefined points which have been designated for only this purpose.

However, sometimes air freights may also be further marked, at intermediate stops, to be transported via other modes so as to reach the destination.

We partner with major airlines to offer hassle free air-freight services for medium sized and freighter cargo. We have successfully handled AN-124 freighter in Riyadh.We have options of regular and critical air freight handling solutions.

  • Partnered with all major airlines to offer hassle free air-freight services for medium sized and freighter cargo.
  • Successfully handled AN-124 freighter in Riyadh.
  • Solutions for Regular and Critical air freight handling available.


Air Freight Services Provided by OnDotFreight

  1. Consolidation
  2. Insurance
  3. Custom Clearances
  4. Warehousing and Fulfilment
  5. Customs Bonds
  6. Governments Regulations filing

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