What is a SASO Certificate?

For a country like Saudi Arabia, there are thousands of imports and exports that enter and leave the country every day. All these cargo and goods are used to help in the overall economy of the country and get better deals for Saudi exports in global markets. There are certain norms that need to be fulfilled if one wishes to start exporting their goods to the Middle Eastern country and also import. For this, a certificate of conformity is required to be obtained by the business or service that is in sync with the Saudi Arabian regulations for exporting and importing.This certificate of conformity for Saudi Arabia comes under the SASO standards and is a particular set of rules and regulations that one needs to follow with regards to the product that they are planning on importing or exporting.

Certificate of Conformity
SASO Certificate

SASO Certificate

The Saudi Exports commission expects one to have certain rules and norms that are followed if they are to have any business dealings in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The SASO certificate has certain objectives that need to be fulfilled such as:

  • Public health protection.
  • Safety of consumers and national security.
  • Protecting the morals of the kingdom.
  • Protection of the environment and
  • Preventing any sort of malice and deception.

All the imported consignments and goods that come into the Saudi Arabian kingdom need to have a non-removable sign that validates its origins and quality.

This helps inspection committees to complete their jobs faster. If this norm isn’t followed, then the government has every liberty to return the produce back to its country of origin. There are certain undertakings that need to be signed in order for the companies to agree that they fall within the regulations of exporting into Saudi Arabia

There are authorised inspection groups that ensure that all the goods that are being bought into the country are properly checked and handled. The Saudi Arabian Standard Organization is the one responsible for handing out these certificates and they are the ones who need to be approached in order to get any work done regarding importing and exporting goods into the country.

The SASO Board of Directors are the ones who will be responsible for ensuring that all the SASO activities are carried out in a fair and smooth manner. The policies and rules for the SASO are all under their power to ensure the technical, financial and administrative frameworks are all within the rules that are stipulated.

Conditions to get a CoC certificate:

There are certain conditions that need to be satisfied by the client or exporter in order to get a CoC certificate. This includes:

  • Availability of technical regulations that relate to a product.
  • Each consignment meeting has a separate application, and all the information needs to be provided by the client.
  • All the additional information that comes with the product also has to be provided by the company applying.

It is important that companies are aware of the different rules and regulations so that they can smoothly transition to the Saudi Arabian market.

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