On Dot Freight services for your freight forwarding requirements

The process of exporting into Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries requires a comprehensive knowledge of the logistic management services along with an understanding of the freight forwarding laws that are in effect in these countries.

The top logistic companies in the UAE and Saudi provide a variety of customer-centric services that can help international exporters to export or import cargo goods.

About On Dot Freight
Operating since 2007, On Dot Freight is headquartered in Dubai and offers comprehensive logistic services to exporters in the Middle Eastern countries. Customers including the Saudi Electricity Company (SECO) and Juniper Networks have used our services to transport large and bulk equipments including GSU transformers, Power Control Modules (PCM) devices, transformers, and more to be delivered to multiple sites within the Middle East.
Our Logistics services
Rated among the top logistics companies in Saudi Arabia and UAE, On Dot Freight provides the complete range of cargo logistic services, including:

  • Air freight
  • Used for transportation of goods by air, On Dot Freight has partnered with the leading airlines that are in operation in the Middle East, which ensures reliable and timely delivery of medium-sized and perishable cargo. Our air freight services include custom clearances, government regulation clearance forms, and insurance.

  • Sea freight
  • International shipping companies avail of our services including full container load (FCL) and Less than Container load (LCL) for the ocean transport of heavy equipment and other cargo across Middle Eastern ports.

  • Overland freight
  • Along with air and ocean transport, On Dot Freight provides overland freight to ensure that the shipped merchandise reaches the nearest customer destination. We use specially-designed trucks with full truckload (FTL) or Less than a truck load (LTL) for completing overland freight over some of the most difficult terrains.

  • 3PL logistics
  • 3PL logistics (or third-party logistics) services from On Dot Freight is used for cargo management across our customer’s entire supply chain.

  • Warehousing
  • Warehousing services from On Dot Freight are not just designed for the temporary storage of the cargo goods, but also covers all the paperwork that is required for the safe transit of stored goods.

Customs Brokerage and other services
Internal customs authority, such as the Saudi customs authority, are very stringent when it comes to approving the goods coming in or going out of their country. The Customs brokerage service offered by On Dot Freight is designed to handle all the required liasoning work and approval documents to get timely clearance from the customs authorities.
Additional value-added services include the regulatory process of obtaining the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) Certificate of Conformity (or COC certificate), which is required for any product exported to Saudi Arabia. The COC certificate is an authentication certificate, which checks if each product adheres to the safety criteria and technical guidelines specified by the Saudi authorities.
Importers, who assign the importing task to other third-party agencies, can do so by opting for our Importer of Record (or IOR) services. This third-party agent can undertake the complete process of importing goods on behalf of the actual importer, by using the IOR facility.

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