About Us

ON DOT FREIGHT LLC has been operating in the Middle Eastern markets since 2007; formerly known as SPEEDSTER LOGISTICS, Saudi Arabia.  In line with our CORE values, Business expertise and an extensive history of customer satisfaction; we have shown that the desire to excel can never be quenched.

Through strategic alliances and with a network of accredited agencies, local and worldwide, ON DOT FREIGHT is well poised to provide a comprehensive range of logistics Management Services. We have orchestrated complete and comprehensive Logistics solutions for leading Electronics and Telecom companies to fully service the surge of surplus demands of the ever hungry Middle Eastern markets.

ON DOT FREIGHT offers detailed and complete Logistic Solutions for Saudi Arabia and with our extensive history, faithful alliances and local understanding, nurtured over the years we can and will continue to provide excellent services. ON DOT FREIGHT offers tailored Logistic Solutions to our Multi-Cultured customer base. With a clear definition of the customer’s needs and an expert understanding of the local markets; we ensure that the BEST service is provided.